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Creating greatness on Shopify

Building on, migrating into, and growing Shopify and Shopify Plus stores is what we do best. 

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We'll help you launch an online store and provide a unique shopping experience to your clients 

We build high-performing solutions that live up to the demands of your e-commerce store. Shopify store development services help your brand to stay at the forefront of innovation, remain competitive, and overcome challenges. We will help you  to scale in an environment where market boundaries are blurring, technologies are scaled, and sales are conducted on a global level.


Looking for a Shopify agency? You are in the right place! We build Shopify stores from the ground up, as well as service brands looking for a al carte Shopify development support.


Reach out today to speak with our certified Shopify experts.

Shopify Site Design

Our Shopify team can provide turnkey designs and implementation services. This includes theme design, Shopify expert app setup, as well as Shopify marketing services. We support Shopify stores carrying significant business complexity.


Our Shopify experts focus on designing beautiful stores that run smoothly. We also build with scalability in mind. We focus on creating and optimizing Shopify stores to help your business increase sales and profits from Shopify.


Certified Shopify Development

Our team will work exclusively with you to provide a successful solution. With years of experience developing highly profitable Shopify stores, you can expect a smooth and proven process for development. Get started today with our Shopify experts.

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If you're ready to design, develop or scale on Shopify we have the solution 

Shopify Store Setup

Assisting with the initial setup and configuration of your Shopify store, including store creation, domain setup, and SSL integration.

Custom Feature Development

Building custom features and functionalities to enhance your Shopify store's capabilities and meet specific business needs.

Migration to BigCommerce

Assisting businesses in migrating their existing online stores to the Shopify platform, ensuring a smooth transition without data loss.

Product Catalog Management

Assisting with product data import, categorization, inventory management, and organization to ensure accurate and up-to-date product information.

Custom Theme Development

Designing and developing unique, visually appealing, and user-friendly Shopify themes tailored to your brand and business requirements.

API Integrations

Integrating third-party applications, plugins, or custom solutions into your Shopify store for seamless data exchange and expanded functionality.

Third-Party App Integration

Integrating and configuring various third-party apps and extensions to extend the functionality of your Shopify store.

Checkout Optimization

Streamlining and optimizing the checkout process to minimize cart abandonment and maximize conversions on your Shopify store.

Responsive Web Design

Ensuring your Shopify store is fully responsive and optimized for seamless user experience across various devices and screen sizes.

Payment Gateway Integration

Setting up and configuring secure payment gateways to enable smooth and secure online transactions for your customers.

Store Customization

Customizing the appearance, layout, and functionality of your Shopify store to align with your brand identity and unique business requirements.

Performance Optimization

Analyzing and optimizing your Shopify store's performance, including page load speed, caching, database optimization, and overall site speed.


Powering businesses and eCommerce stores since 2011


*Average results generated for our clients


If you are just taking first steps in online-commerce or launching an online store, we will help you with building an e-commerce business from scratch and launch sales quickly under the Shopify platform.

Athletic WebDesign

Benefits of Shopify

  • Reliability: Shopify ensures an up-time of 99.99% during even the busiest sale periods, which is a noteworthy result.​

  • Speed: Connection time of under 10ms ensures blazingly fast page loading and, therefore, a great customer experience.

  • Cost-efficiency: Cloud-based e-commerce solutions require four times fewer investments than on-premise ones.​

  • Quick Deployment: Cloud-based solutions take half the time to deploy in comparison to on-premise solutions.​

  • High Securityn: Shopify platform offers PCI Compliance, HTTPS site-wide, and DDOS mitigation.​

Why Digital Connecx

  • Shopify Certified Partner and experienced Shopify system integrator with a deep understanding of the platform and headless architecture

  • Our team is experts with the platform’s backend and trained, certified, and experienced in Shopify site development

  • We're experienced in optimization and management of ecommerce strategies and programs using Shopify platform

  • Provide a full complement of Shopify services

Similing Team

Alexa Young, CA

“Digital Connecx goes beyond the scope of what might be their obligation. They help us in so many ways that I feel like we can truly call them a partner because they have become an extension of our team.”

Solve Any Shopify Challenge Today

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