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We Understand Ecommerce

Through strategic focus, artful design, and cutting-edge technology, we craft impactful e-commerce journeys on Shopify and Shopify Plus. It's what we excel at.


Shopify Services

Convert a basic Shopify store into a powerful selling tool. Ensure rapid scale and stable growth for your business by choosing revenue-oriented Shopify website development services.

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Migrate you store to Shopify smoothly and securely without losing valuable data and current SEO ranking.

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Craft a distinct look for your Shopify store. Unlock fresh sales avenues with a stylish and adaptive website storefront.

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Seamlessly transfer your store data from any third-party system to Shopify, ensuring zero data loss.

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Elevate your business operations by syncing your Shopify platform with CRM, ERP, or other systems. Regardless of the number of integrations required, we'll execute as envisioned.

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Increase the capabilities of your Shopify store and go beyond.Get a ready-to-use solution that fits your business needs with

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Engage a Shopify maestro or a dedicated team to craft a store centered around your users, bypassing the hassle of prolonged recruitment.

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Looking to establish your own online store but unsure where to begin? We're here to simplify the process for you. Our comprehensive Shopify Setup service is designed to help you create a successful Shopify store from the ground up.

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Establish a fully functional online store on the Shopify platform, seamlessly integrated with top-tier dropshipping partners from such big marketplaces as AliExpress. 

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We've partnered with the best.

In today's fiercely competitive mid-market e-commerce arena, we align with industry leaders to offer our clients top-tier solutions, propelling growth.

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“Digital Connecx goes beyond the scope of what might be their obligation. They help us in so many ways that I feel like we can truly call them a partner because they have become an extension of our team.”

Alexa Young, CA

How it Works

How we work?

Shopify store development involves 4 simple steps:

Step 01

Consultation and requirement

Share your Shopify development goals with us. We'll assess your aspirations, present multiple alternatives, and guide you to select the most fitting and budget-friendly option.

Step 02

Timetable and price approval

Together we finalize the plan, milestones, deadlines and cost for your unique Shopify website development based on the number of hours needed to complete the project.

Step 03

Development and implementation

We adopt a phased development approach to ensure swift initial outcomes. Each development stage is transparent to you, and functional segments are rolled out progressively, only with your green light.

Step 04

Warranty and post-release support

The main goal of all our Shopify development services is to make sure the project works as expected and brings you revenue, so we are open to any questions and suggestions even after closing the project.

Why you should choose Shopify?

Shopify offers numerous benefits for e-commerce businesses, and here are four key reasons why you might choose to use this platform:

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