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Shopify Custom Import Service

Accelerate your transition to Shopify by 3x. Obtain a sales-ready store swiftly with our comprehensive data import process.

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Quick and stable
migration process

100% success regardless
of data volumes

No data losses and errors

When the custom import is a must:
top-3 requests

The reasons for data migration given by our customers are varied, the result is always the same: the required information is available on a new platform in full. Depending on your business goal, you can import products, orders or customers to Shopify to equip your new store with the relevant data to start selling as soon as possible.

Moving to Shopify from other platforms

Switching e-commerce platforms might seem complex, but it's often easier than you think. For instance, moving your product inventory from Magento or WooCommerce to Shopify can automatically fill your new catalog, eliminating manual data entry.

Import data from marketplaces

If you sell on Amazon, Aliexpress, or eBay, moving to Shopify is effortless. Our team excels at swiftly migrating your products, ensuring a seamless transition that exceeds expectations.

Transfer data from ERP/CRM systems

Leverage third-party ERP or CRM systems as central hubs, unifying diverse business data. Our custom import service efficiently migrates data from any system to Shopify, saving you time and resources.




What data can be imported?

It's straightforward: we can migrate any data you need. With our service, we can import products from any website to Shopify and handle any other essential business data migration.


You can migrate purchase data from ERP, CRM systems, marketplaces, or other e-commerce platforms. For instance, import orders from WooCommerce to Shopify to maintain a smooth delivery process during migration.


Ensure you retain your customer base during migration by importing all customer information. This way, you can continue to provide full service and maintain customer loyalty while transitioning to a new platform.


We effortlessly migrate products from any system to Shopify, including images, attributes, stock details, and prices. This even covers specialized platforms like Etsy or Alibaba, which can be directly imported into Shopify.

Custom Data

Depending on your business needs, our team can transfer a range of data, including CMS pages, gift cards, coupons, reviews, SEO settings, and any other information crucial for revenue generation.

Shopify Custom Import workflow

Step 01

Analysis and planning

Every service kicks off with a free consultation. We dive into your needs and expectations, conducting a thorough analysis. This leads to a comprehensive work plan and project estimates tailored to your import requirements.

Step 03

Testing and Approval

Following the import, our QA engineers meticulously examine the final outcome, addressing any technical issues identified during testing. We await your approval, proceeding to the final phase only when the result aligns with your expectations.

Step 02

Launching the project

Then, we initiate the development process, utilizing a blend of ready-made and custom solutions to align with your objectives. We adopt the agile methodology, ensuring you can track progress iteratively and maintain control over the project's completion percentage.

Step 04

Release and warranty

Ultimately, we launch the project live. To ensure smooth operations, we offer 2 months of complimentary support for the completed work. Rest assured, we remain available to assist you with any inquiries or challenges that may surface during this period.

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